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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

What am I missing?

I make sure they get up for school in the morning.
I make lunch and dinner for them everyday (they usually help themselves at breakfast).
I clean up after their meals.
I wash, hang out and iron their clothes.
I schedule and then drive them to their appointments, and sit waiting patiently, sometimes for over an hour.
I'm in contact with the school over attendance, course work and behaviour issues.
I attend parent/teacher nights.
I make alternate arrangements for their care when I myself can't do it.
I set boundaries.
I often listen to whinging and moaning as to why they aren't allowed to do something.
I make sure they have their bath/shower and are in bed at a decent hour.
I help with homework.
I sometimes have to hear an awful lot of back chat.
I taxi them to where they need to be.
I take them shopping.
I buy food that they like to eat.
I ensure that they get enough vegetables in their diet.
I get loads of cuddles.
I spend time with them talking about what is important to them, be it the certain bike part that want, or what they might want to do when they are grown.
I take them to movies and other activities and often enjoy it as much as I would with a mate.
I comfort them when they are upset.
I have a great laugh with them.
I listen.
I'm always there when they need me.
I love them.

Whilst in conversation regarding children and mobile phones, someone insinuated that my opinion really doesn't matter, or basically I don't know what I'm talking about, because I don't have children of my own. Her actual words were 'Your not living in the real world'.

Other than missing out on pregnancy, labour and delivery, and the initial few years of their life, I would have thought that I do the same thing any mother does. Some would reckon I do more than some mothers do.

Will somebody tell me what the difference is? And don't tell me its love because I wouldn't do what I do if love wasn't a factor.

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