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Thursday, September 27, 2007


I've just finished watching Grey's and between sipping some wine and having Molly stare at me intermittently, I'm thinking of events to come, eagerly anticipating most.

Tomorrow I'm shopping and lunching with two close friends and tomorrow night my husband is taking me out to a lovely restaurant to celebrate our third year anniversary, since I will be in Canada for the actual date. I've bought a new outfit to wear for him and I don't know if I'm more psyched about that or the actual meal. The top can be either sexily racy or more modest depending on how I will wear it, but either way I think he's going to like it just a lot, especially if I prove to be brave.

On Saturday Andy, Alex and I are paintballing with friends from work and I'm a bit apprehensive about this, as I fear I'm going to get creamed. Both Andy and Rob have expressed an interest in popping more than few off at me. Hopefully I will surprise them and myself by proving to be a better shot, but I think I stand more chance of winning the next edition of Britain's Next Top Model.


Some have called me crazy for doing this just before heading home, and perhaps they are correct - I'm more than likely to be covered in bruises on Sunday but my mind will be otherwise preoccupied as I try and figure out what to pack for my journey home on Monday...

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