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Friday, April 20, 2007

Which way to turn?

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. We had Maebh with us for about 10 days or so, my mother in-law's dog has had her pup's - five tiny runts that are so cute already, I've also just completed the last week of my old job, and we are in the process of moving.

In two weeks time we get the keys to a four bedroomed, detached house on the back of the estate we currently live on. I don't know who is more excited, Andy and I or the kids. The only downfall re the house is that it has carpeting throughout. I mean in every room, bathrooms/kitchen included. However this is something that we will be changing as soon as we can.

Speaking of bathrooms though, the house is equipped with three, which to me is a catch 22, as three bathrooms + 3 children = a lot of cleaning. I think I have to make the en suite toilet off limits to kids, and the downstairs off limits to everyone, other than guests. Call me anal, but unless everyone in the house is willing to help scrub toilets, and thus far no one has shown any inclination to clean the one we currently have, why should they be free to mess up more than one? (Of course this rule won't apply for when I'm taking a long bath as the en suite only has a shower stall - not that I'm complaining mind!)

I'm just so excited about the amount of space we will have. Other than extra room and a bigger garden, the best perk is getting away from the mardy-assed cow and her offspring that live next door. She has been so rude to the kids and even my friends that I'm about to erupt, so the timing couldn't be better - it would only have gotten worse now that spring is here and we are outside a lot. Its just such a shame when one person in a street full of great people ruins it for everyone else.


Last Sunday Andy and I took advantage of the 23 degree weather and drove up into the Yorkshire Dales with the dogs to do some hiking. The scenery was breathtaking, lots of rolling hills and even a waterfall. The dogs were in their glory and even Maebh took some tentative steps into the streams to get a cool off. We naturally couldn't keep Molly out of the water.

I fell pretty hard during our second hike through a wooded area, but brushed myself off, wiped the tears from my eyes and slugged on. But because I landed on my knees (what is it with me and my damn knees?), they were pretty knackered so we had to pack it in about 45 minutes later.

On the drive home we passed through a gorgeous national park, The Dalby Forest that was not only beautiful but offers a variety of outdoor activities so in the very near future we will be taking a trip up there for some hiking/biking.

Click here for more photos of our day out.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Next week is my last week at the clinic I've been working at for the past two years. The first place I've ever been employed in England. I will be a little saddened to say goodbye to the people I work with there, but know that any friends I've made will stay just that. What I won't miss is working five half days a week. Annie has informed me that I can continue choosing the time/days I work, so long as I fulfill my 20 hours per week. And I also get to wear jeans to work if I want. Oh,and I think I might have mentioned this before: my boss stocks the fridge with diet coke. I honestly think I have struck the jackpot.

As I type this I have two tired little girls laying beside me. We've just been on the field and they bounded around after Phoebe and Abby for a good half hour. Its a lovely, sunny evening and I'm taking advantage of it, especially with it just being the three of us. Andy took Alex to Warrington with him this morning (Al is on Easter break) to 'job shadow' him for a few days. They return on Friday, and in the interim, I get a much needed break, Alex isn't forced to go to his mother's, or hang out here being bored and Andy gets to spend some time with him. Its a three-way bonus. I do however miss Andy more when he's been home for longer than usual at the weekend. I usually get him for three nights tops, then he is gone again early on Monday morning. The past four days/five nights have been really good for us. However I do know that this week is going to pass quickly and he will be home again on Friday afternoon, so I have no cause to complain. Especially since it will be a quiet weekend again.

With so many exciting events in the works i.e. travelling, the possibility of seeing friends, and Val's wonderful news, I have moved out of the low period I was going through and am now full of optimism for the upcoming summer.

So tonight, I shall take advantage of this time on my own and head to the gym shortly. I have nothing to rush home for now that the girls are suitably worn out. Its time to start taking care of me again, both physically and mentally, and what better way than working up a good sweat.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Hoppy Holidays

As I was saying to those at home, it sure doesn't seem a whole lot like Easter around these parts as folks just don't seem to get into it the same way. There is lots of drinking going on due to the long weekend, and when you throw in the massive amount of sunshine we've been having, you have to wonder why the hell not.

We haven't been doing the massive amounts of drinking, but we've been enjoying the sunshine and 18 degree weather. Today was rather windy, but I'll take that over the 20 cm of fore casted snow back in Nova Scotia. Because it was so nice, I decided not to make the three course turkey dinner I had been planning all week, and Andy took me and the boys for a carvery that was almost as good as what I would have cooked myself ;)

We've had the dogs to the beach three days running and they are wearily crashed out beside as I type away. What funny little creatures they are. I was just reading www.dooce.com and surprisingly her story about dogsitting is the exact mirror of mine. Its our little guest that cannot stop herself from crouching down in eager anticipation, awaiting that moment when Molly goes running after something. She then lunges, lips bared and teeth snapping, grabbing for Molly's back as she zigs and zags her way past Maebh. Only occasionally will she succeed. But they really do love each other. They do :) Its just so funny watching them, especially Maebh as she still has the clumsiness of a pup. Those graceful long legs are very deceiving. Today would have been a great day to have had the video with us.

Now that the pups are suitably worn out, Andy and I are going to enjoy yet another child-free night and head out to the cinema. Who knows we may even treat ourselves to a drink or two afterwards.

Happy Easter to you all, hope you are filling yourself up with chocolate and whatever feast you favour on this holiday that happens to be my favourite.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Happy Birthday Annie

Last Friday Sarah and I took the day off work (well she was off all week anyway) and headed out to have our nails done in preparation for our boss Annie's big birthday celebration that night. I'd never had my nails 'gel tipped' before and I have to say, although its slightly expensive, I'm in love with the effect. As its something that's healthier for your nails, I chose this option over acrylics and I'm going to stick with it for a little while. I keep looking down expecting the polish to be chipped and am proven wrong every time :)

After a small glitch with the venue we were supposed to meet at for pre-dinner drinks (it was shut down by environmental health, nice eh?) we finally all hooked up and got quite merry before moving on to the Indian restaurant to eat ourselves silly.

Here are a few pics from one hell of a night out.

Great people, lots of drinks and tons of good food - what more can a gal ask for?

Rob, Annie, Mandy, Ricardo and Emily

Sharon, Me and Maxine

Sarah and I

Ang tearing it up (stone cold sober - what a girl!)

More pictures from our night out can be found here