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Sunday, January 20, 2008

When I see these cuties, I can't help but want one of my very own :)

Catherine's Mackenzie

Valentina's Lilyan

Most of you all know who owns beautiful Lily and how she came to be so I need not elaborate.

Catherine and Hunter welcomed little Mackenzie Grace on 22nd December. She's the most tiny, delicate person, who fills her momma's heart with a whole lot of joy.

I have a few more friends, both here and back in Nova Scotia who have recently delivered, or are about to, and I just have to say, it sure doesn't help the baby broodiness ;) The more I keep seeing pictures the more I crave one for my own. Should I be so lucky? Who knows. I just know that at this very moment in time I'm not 100% ready. Will I ever be? Who knows... Will it even happen? Chances are not likely. But we might surprise you someday and go for it.

I won't lie and say that I wouldn't hope for a little girl, because as far as I'm concerned I have two lovable rogues already. (And you don't have to tell me I'd love whatever I get, because I know that already ;)

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