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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Laugh if you must

For any of you that know Molly, you know that when she even hears the name Abby she goes a little ballistic. She only has to hear the jingle of Abby's tags outside the house and she's whimpering and whinging and acting a little nuts. Trying to stop the two of them from being together is only asking for trouble. The best thing to do when they run to greet each other on the field is to STAY OUT OF THE WAY.

Today, I made the mistake of doing just the opposite. I thought because they had already done their crazy dance of estatic joy on the front lawn, that I was safe.

I thought wrong.

I had just stepped on to the field to greet Elaine when I sort of saw the beige/black blur of dogball that was Molly and Abby right behind me. I felt the force of their combined weight on the back of my knees and realized I was going down. I actually had time to think of this, considering I was airborne. My right arm and shoulder took the brunt of my weight, while my hip took the remainder.

Did we laugh? Of course... it was funny, the boys even came across the road to say thanks for the laugh. We laughed even harder when I saw the pile of dog doo that I'd missed by two inches.

Am laughing now? Not really. I'm relieved that I seem to have healthy bones that don't break easily, but my shoulder and arm muscles could care less about my bones. They aren't openly screaming at me for landing on them, but they are nagging at me for not watching what the dogs were doing.

I think I'll skip the gym tonight and opt for a glass or two of wine and a hot bath :)

Molly and Abby

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