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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

A Ghouly Halloween

Ghetto Ghoul

Wicked Witch of the West and the Corpse Bride

I cannot believe I managed to drink a 'Yard of Ale'. The only girl to do it that night, and I'd never even seen one before!

What a motley crew...

Proud to be the winner of the best costume! Ironically, Alex asked me as I was getting ready, 'Are you planning on winning best costume or something?'

Andy and I went non-stop at the weekend. We had the party at Liz and Marcus's Friday night, then our friends Sophia and Paul joined us with their Dalmatian Maebh on Saturday. We had a gorgeous pub lunch at the Harvest Moon. Sophia and Paul commented on how much Alex is growing and told us we should be proud of how he is turning out, A real credit to us. Which is something to smile about considering they are both child psychologists.

We also saw the James Bond movie that night, something I prefer to forget about. Lucky for us, Ali and Scott will be taking the boys to see it this weekend in Nottingham. Although we have to give up our weekend with Connor, we would never deny them the trip as they love hanging out with their Aunt and Uncle. And we don't even have to pay them off!

On Sunday Andy and I drove three hours to the Williams Centre in Oxford for a big Formula 1 event. It was worth it for me to a certain extent just to see the stupor my husband was in, especially when he got to see Louis Hamilton became World Champion at a place like Williams. Lucky for me there was an open bar and Internet access ;)

And lastly, a Happy Birthday to my mate Roisin. Wish I could be there to have a Keizer's and piece of cake with her.

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