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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm not that into you, Jimmy Choo

The other day my hubby and I had a huge clear out of our wardrobes. As I was putting the last few bits of my summer clothes away (and realizing how much of Stacy's summer clothes I still have from her trip last year), Andy came into the room and looked down at the bottom shelves of the closet.

These two shelves happen to be jam packed with a variety of shoes: high heeled, low heeled, flip flops, boots, you name it. This isn't even counting the box of shoes I don't wear often but can't bear to part with, which is stored on a shelf in the spare room. And I still don't think I have enough... you can never have enough shoes.

This was my response to his question 'Don't you think you have enough shoes?'. When he heard my response he said 'You are getting as bad as Carrie Bradshaw'. Now, I'm probably breaking a major rule in the husband-wife rule book by publishing the fact my husband knows who this character is, but hey, he has to admit that for all the times I've made him sit through episode after episode of the show, he's actually been drawn in. I think he secretly has a crush on Mr. Big. Or at least admires his slick personality.

Anyway, my very quick response to his likening me to Carrie was: 'No way... all the shoes in my closet wouldn't add up to five pairs of hers.' I buy most at a bargain and usually always draw the line at $150, unless of course they are an absolute must have, and face it, all of us shoe lovin' girls have found at least one pair of clogs we can't just leave on the shelf, despite the price.

Note: Of course this is why I stay clear of designer shoe shops - what you don't see you can't miss, nevermind afford.

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