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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

No Looking Back

There are some decisions in life that we make and instantly regret the choice we made. Other choices are made and we know immediately it is the correct one, even from the moment the idea took shape.

But it's the decisions we make that keep niggling and picking at that little spot in our conscience, asking 'but was it really the right thing to do?' My husband believes that once you've made a decision, it is the right one, no matter the outcome, because it was the right choice for you at the time.

This is something my feelings run to the ambivalent on due to some decisions I've made where I wish I could turn back the clock. Decisions that may have been insignificant, or enormous in their capacity, but either way I wonder what the alternative outcome might have been if I'd taken the other option. Many people, myself included, have been heard to say: Stop dwelling on the would haves, could haves and should haves of this world. What is done is done and and there is no turning back the clock. And I do believe this... for the most part.

Because really, how long can you sit around thinking and recriminating on something that is past? Or how long must someone weigh the pros and cons before making their mind up about something? Is it better to make instant decisions or spend ages thinking about it before coming to a decision? I suppose its all relevant to the enormity of the choice needed to be made.

However when you are someone who can take a ridiculous amount of time to decide on what kind of ice-cream she'd rather have, how can I possibly make life-changing decisions in a short amount of time? Despite all the uncertainties that run riot in my head, I am someone that actually does manage to make decisions (sometimes sooner rather than later) and the decisions that serve me best are often the ones I've made spur of the moment, especially when it comes to the momentous decisions in my life; because ultimately somewhere deep down, I'd been deliberating for quite some time and knew the answer all along.

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