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Friday, April 30, 2010

Like Waking Up After a Bad Nightmare

This morning I woke up the way I normally do, thinking about the day I had ahead i.e.  what I should wear, pack for my lunch, etc.  when it hit me:  my mother's results from her lymph node and surrounding tissue biopsy came back negative. NEGATIVE. 

I cried with joy last night when my mom called to tell me the news.  The relief that I was filled with was indescribable.  We laughed and talked about the future before Mom rang off to go and call my four siblings to share her wonderful news.

So today I sit here at work (on my lunch break mind) and I feel so happy and relieved, because no matter what else is bothering me, or what other problems may arise, it all pales in comparison because my mom is going to be just fine.

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