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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


On the weekend I finished the last page of my 20th book. I didn't realize it was my 20th until I placed its name and rating on the tracker on the sidebar of this blog. It wasn't the most amazing book I have read this year, but it was quirky and interesting, not to mention, nicked from my sister's bedroom during the last few days of my time at home. It doesn't even belong to Stacy but in fact Tawny, however I'm sure both of my sister's realize I took good care of it and that it can be returned to either one of them whenever they wish. I'm just grateful it was there for my reading enjoyment.

I had thought by now I would actually be well into my 24th/or 25th book since the rate at which I had been devouring books during the first few months of this year would indicate just that; however the last month or two hasn't really allowed me the time or interest to get lost in a book. I am grateful though, that while I was in NS I did have the opportunity to read The Book of Negroes which was unbelievably well written and gripping. I can again thank my sisters for that enjoyable read.

I had been hitting the library hard prior to my time away, but decided this month that I would like to purchase a few books and am now reading The Crimson Rooms, a fictional story that takes place in the aftermath of WWI; a story about a young woman who is struggling to make a name for herself as one of the first female solicitors in London and how she and her family come to terms with the lost of her beloved brother.

I often don't know what I'd do without my books; they are a great way to pass the time whether I'm waiting for an appointment, sitting as passenger in the car or riding the stationary bike (which gets me a lot of strange looks at the gym here but not in Nova Scotia - strange eh?). Every member of my McDonald clan is the same way. Andy's side of the family on the other hand, do not have the same passion for reading at all, except for his sister Ali (although his mum Wendy does enjoy the Harry Potter books). The kids often make comments about how much I read.

For this, I make no apologies.

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