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Thursday, September 01, 2011

Into September...

I can't believe today is the first of September; that summer is packing up it's bags and getting ready to leave me behind.  Wait a moment.... summer already did that back around the first week in July. 

This summer has been worse than most other typical English summers I have experienced and I shouldn't be sorry to see of the end of August, yet I am.  For although September and October are months I often usually enjoy, I don't like leaving summer behind, no matter how crappy it was.  And boy has it been crappy.  Already there is a chill in the air first thing in the morning, and again by 4:00 pm.  Already the nights are drawing in and I think this is the main factor behind my dislike of the winter months... .the lack of daylight. 

Life always seems so much brighter when the days are longer.  I get more exercise outside, it's not dark when I leave for work, and dark when I get home, I don't have to plan road trips around daylight, because let's face it, when I'm driving I hate to be out on unfamiliar roads in the black of night.  I hate it.  I guess this might lead to an indication that I'm officially old... yet why should this come as a surprise? I hit that mark ages ago, when the hightlight of my Saturday became watching the X-Factor with a bottle of wine and a take-away.  Yet I make no apologies.  I lived it up in my 20's people.  Seriously lived it up, which means I'm ok with the fact that I don't need to be out all weekend long.  Although occasionally Andy and I do enjoy an evening at the local pub, either in the beer garden during summer, or curled up next to the fire in winter, which hopefully indicates that we aren't ready for the geriatric unit just yet. 

September is gearing up to be a good month though, as I have a few vacation days to take here and there (starting tomorrow) and will be journeying out with my brother on a few day trips, as well as to the Lake District in two weeks time.  As of today I have 23 full days left with him and I'm going to relish everyone, as will Molly I'm sure.  I should think it will be a toss up over who is going to miss his company more, me or Molly.

Tomorrow's agenda is a road trip to Nottingham with John, Connor, Dawn and Cameron. One last trip out for the boys before they start school next week.

Let's hope the sun at least pokes it's nose out at least once. 

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