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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Waterfalls and Rain

Getting away for a few days last week was exactly what was needed;  my brother was just as taken with the natural beauty that is found in nearly every direction of the Lake District as we are.  It never gets old.

I thought I'd never been to Ullswater before, however last year when my cousin was here Andy took us for a drive through the North Lakes and we stopped briefly for a walk through the woods, to a beautiful waterfall.  Because it had been raining and I hadn't been driving, I didn't realize that this was the same walk I had picked out for John and I to do.  Isn't it odd how sunshine makes something look completely different?

Last year, due to the rain our walk was only about 1/2 hour,  just to the falls and back.  Last Thursday John and I went up to the Aira Force Falls (Andy had to work) but then continued onwards for a further 3 1/4 hours. 

It was a fantastic hike, the sun was shining and Molly was in her element. 

Aira Force Falls

Above the falls...

John and our Molly

The changes in scenery were amazing:

I love this one of my girl:

Only a small section of Ullswater Lake:

On Friday we visited the town of Keswick and browsed around the quaint shops while we waited to see if the rain would cease.  After a pub lunch we decided to go for it and head out for a hike, thinking the worst of the rain was over.  It wasn't.  It only got worse.  However it wasn't cold and it was the kind of heavy rain that actually feels quite peaceful, so we hiked around the lake enjoying the solitude a rainfall like this brings. Although we cut it short, it was still a good walk.

We didn't get many pictures from this hike as I didn't want to ruin my camera...

My handsome hiking companions:

I like this one... we actually look like seasoned hikers here.  (Amazing what the right clothes can achieve eh?) 

The stones in the lake have engravings on them... beautiful.

We packed up on Saturday morning and came home as the weather didn't get any better. 

I'm already looking forward to the next trip to the Lakes.  Something tells me it won't be long.


Rob, Tina and the boys said...

When did john grow up? He looks so distinguished. He looks amazing.

Thegirl said...

My most favorite trips definitely include our little jaunts to the lake district!