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Friday, April 20, 2012

He's Here

On Wednesday morning he finally made his appearance: 

Jayden Tyler, weight 6lbs 12oz  

He and his mummy are doing just fine, as is Alex, who seems pretty chilled with it all (so far at least). I still can't get my head around the fact that he is a dad.  It only seems like yesterday when I had to go into his room every night to remove his glasses and turn off his lights/TV after he'd fallen asleep.  

The baby is gorgeous and I'm so looking forward to getting to know him as we watch him grow.  I still can't figure out what on earth this child is going to call me, because I really don't feel old enough to be a Nanny or a Grandma, yet at the same time, I know that is what I'm going to be to this child.  Maybe he will decide for himself, no matter what name I finally decide on. 

The family are all coming around to the house tomorrow to meet him;  I'm so relieved he is finally here, safe and sound.  


Valentina said...

He is gorgeous, Jody!

Tawny said...

What a lovely baby! Hard to believe Alex is a daddy, but I'm sure he'll do admirably. Maybe the baby will call you what Clara calls Kim and Cathy which is GaGa. I'd like to think they prefer that to Great Aunt, but think it works just as nicely in lieu of Grandma :). Or maybe he 'll just want to call you JoJo which is very endearing :).

Laraf123 said...

He's beautiful. What ever he decides to call you, it will be another word for LOVE. He's a lucky guy to have joined your family.