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Thursday, April 26, 2012

I think I've started something here...

I love the feeling of knowing I've already done my workout in the morning and that after a long day at work the choice is mine if I want to partake in more exercise or just chill out (on top of anything else that life might demand during any given day).  Like today... I can't stop thinking that I don't have to shred tonight, so boo-yah!  Normally I can't stop thinking about having to do the shred.  Either way it seems like I'm always thinking about it one way or another.  Better this I suppose, than constantly thinking about food, although food does come in with a close second.  Working out is hard on the appetite (sorry I'm not telling you something you don't already know).

Some of you may remember that in November 2010 I embarked on the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels.  I stuck to it and with the exception of missing one day due to illness, managed to complete it.  Because I didn't maintain an overly healthy diet, I only lost about three pounds.  What I did lose though, were inches and managed to change my shape.  Which of course didn't last as I didn't stick with a viable work out in the ensuing months.

This time will be different.  I have a few goals to work towards, and although my diet hasn't been quite as good as it should be, I can already feel the effect it's having and I'm only halfway through.  This time around is also different because once I started talking about doing the shred again it encouraged a colleague to borrow my DVD and do it herself in March. Other colleagues over heard our discussions about the workout and now there are at least six of us at work doing it.  My friend Ali and I started on the same day (April 10th) and whenever it's time to switch a level, we do it together.  It's a lot easier to stick with it when  you know you aren't the only one completing the challenge.  Sure, it's enough for me to challenge myself but no way will I be quitting when there are others out there completing it as well.  Besides, it may be tough but it's not that bad.  I'm also trying to get in a bit more cardio after the daily shred, via taking Molly on extended walks or racing with her on my bike but the weather has been very uncooperative.  I'm also hoping that if I can get the shred done before work (like today)  I might also make it to the gym some evenings. What makes this hard is having Andy away and not wanting to leave Molly on her own after being at work all day (her granddad walking her at lunch doesn't make up for this).

I'm also not being so hard on myself if I miss a day.  I'm on day 16 and so far have missed two, both because of unexpected plans.  If I'd done the workout in the morning I wouldn't have missed but I'm not going to beat myself up over it. I'm working out, trying to eat 'sensibly' and incorporating extra cardio in when I can; I also plan to continue on with it at least three times a week for the foreseeable future.  I want to not only be fitter this summer, but a little bit more toned.  Ok, a lot more toned but let's start with this.

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