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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Prickly Heat

Finally the sun has come to town.  The last week or so has been glorious and like they do, people of this town are walking around dressed like it's the height of summer.  I only spent a couple of hours off and on in the sun over the weekend and definitely didn't lay out because on Saturday my arm and chest broke out in a few blisters (yet I wasn't sunburnt or anything).  By Sunday it had spread to both arms although my right is significantly worse. So I figured I'd be best off staying out of the sun; the sun and heat I've been waiting months for.  Yesterday I thought the blisters were starting to dry out, especially those that I'd scratched but today it appears to be even worse and what's annoying is that my arm has only been exposed to the sun via the drivers side window of my truck! 


The moles, freckles and hairiness I can live with, but this??? It's embarrassing if nothing else... yet it's more than that, it's itchy and uncomfortable and it's just too damn hot to wear long sleeves. I think I'd better get myself to the pharmacy because after four days of this, I think I need some help.

I don't know what's going on round here, what with Molly's skin issues and now mine.  But something is definitely up with my skin, which is normally not what I would describe as sensitive.  Last night I rubbed A535 onto my back and knees after my workout and after about 30 seconds I suddenly felt like my skin had been set on fire.  I was in agony; I honestly don't think being whipped would hurt more.  Wait, I know it doesn't (sorry but I've been there done that). Well at least by sharing that fact you'll know that I have a high pain tolerance... yet it felt like I was being flayed alive.  I'm just relieved no one was around to see me as I pranced naked around my room waiting for it to pass, while pressing a cold, wet towel against my back and sweat poured off of me in buckets.  My knees just had to suffer.  Man alive, it was awful.  I thought the cream might be out of date, hence the reaction I had but it wasn't - I checked after I sewed my head back on. 

If you're still here and I haven't put you off, would you like to know what the rest of my week has been like? Maybe not, but here goes:

The weekend was lovely as I had loads of Jayden time and on Sunday the kids came over for a bbq with me and then later we had champagne in the hottub to celebrate Jayden's arrival (I can't believe it's been six weeks today since he came into our lives.) 

I've been awake more than I've been asleep this past week and last night was particularly bad because Molly had the trots and needed out every hour or so. I had to take the morning off work as I couldn't leave her till I knew it was over (that was one mess I didn't want to come home to).

I'd taken this afternoon off by prior arrangement as Natasha had to have an investigative procedure at the hospital that her mum wasn't available for.  Turns out her prep didn't work properly so it was postponed... so today's annual leave has been a bit of a write off.  Bah, nevermind. 

It is what it is.

I can't sit out in the sun but I still rather fancy one of these:

However the only place you can get one is at the mall, which closes in less than an hour and is on the other side of town.  Iced, decaf coffee will just have to suffice.

Either way, it's Wednesday, which means the weekend is almost here and for us living in the British Isles it means a four day weekend.  Let's hope my arm is cleared up so I don't have to spend the whole time inside. Speaking of which, as mentioned previously, I think I'd better go get me some cream for my lurgy. 


Fern Wimpley said...

You and Molly have crazy skin conditions! I think it's a good idea you get proper treatment for it. Rub Ass always makes me think of you and mom, but I'm surprised it has that reaction!
Love you sister, can't wait to see you!! xoxox

Jody said...

I forgot we called it that lol! But I will never forget that spring - can't wait to make more funny memories this summer; and I love u loads Xoxoxo

Thegirl said...

I had prickly heat once, and it was AWEFUL!!!! :( Hope you and Molls feel better quick~