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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Lessons in Lorry Driving

We had a relaxing, enjoyable weekend round these parts. Nothing too exciting, just spending time with each other, family and friends.

I managed to 'rescue' the cake by cutting the sponge in half, filling it with raspberry and cream, then topping it with a creamcheese whipped icing and fresh raspberries.  It went down a treat with the family and friends we had over on Sunday.  Oh and Andy polished off most of the cheesecake (which wasn't that brilliant on it's own) all by himself.  

Saturday afternoon I had been up at my mother-in-law's sorting out her dogs and I got home around 2:30, sorry that I had missed Alex, Bonnie and Jayden;  however I was cheerfully surprised when I walked in the living room and saw that the kids had left the baby with us while they ran their errands.  It was so cute to see Jayden and his Grandy cuddled up together.

And the weekend was over much too soon with Andy back on the road bright and early yesterday morning.

Yeah... yesterday.  What a messed up day; it began by my truck getting clipped (and nearly pushed into on coming traffic) by a lorry who was more interested in forcing me to play a game of 'cat and mouse' in my much smaller vehicle.  I was pissed off and shaken up and spent the rest of the day out of sorts, which is just perfect for a Monday don't you think?   I cannot stand drivers who suffer from road rage at the best of times, however when you drive for a living you represent the company you work for and it's reprehensible that you let your need for speed, or rage interfere with your work life.  Especially when your office is a 40 ton vehicle.  But, we all make mistakes at work and I was satisfied when the transport manager informed me that it would be investigated thoroughly and offered their sincere apologies for the bad behaviour of the driver. (He had actually rang in to the office to say he knew he clipped me, but still continued on.)  They will be calling me in a week's time to share the findings of the investigation.  As I said to the manager, I don't want anyone to lose their job, but someone sure needs to recognise that it's people's lives they are messing with when they are out on the road. 

So after a tough day at work I got myself home and took my girl Molly for a walk in the evening sun prior to working out and enjoying a healthy dinner.  

I got a call from Alex later in the evening asking me if I wanted a sleepover with our adorable little man on Friday;  after I consulted my Big Book of Plans and reported that Friday evening was wide open, the deal was done.

So there's my Friday night all planned out :) 
Nanny McAllenby and her little man Jayden. 

How could this face not make you smile? 

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