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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Closed In

The office building where I work has major internal issues when it comes to heating.  In the winter our office is like Siberia and we have to layer up and wear fingerless gloves;  all winter and most of the spring I have been waiting for the weather to turn warmer so that the office might become more tolerable. (The rest of the building has problems too but the room I'm in is the worst.) In late May we had about two days of comfort before the building warmed up and now it is pretty much suffocating in our office.  With two fans on full-time (blowing the hot air around) we still have people walk in and comment about how hot it is; The rest of the building is overheated right now as well but at least there are windows that can be opened.  As my boss has been on holiday for the last few weeks I've been sitting in her room off and on, yet that room is still quite stuffy.  I'm leaving work every day with a headache and feeling completely lethargic;  it's difficult to maintain a healthy diet and exercise because of it.  Last evening I just wanted to sleep when I got home but common sense told me to get out in the fresh air and walk Molly - it didn't convince me to work out though, which didn't help matters;  my common sense usually knows what it's talking about, shame I didn't listen to it more.  What might make the heat inside a tad bit more bearable would be if it was actually hot outside;  I doubt summer is ever going to get to England.

OK, whinge session over; I swear.  If you haven't already left to go read about Mary Kate's older man or troll Pinterest I thank you. I've often wondered before if I should continue to write but I'm assured that 1 or 2 of you are still interested so I will persevere.  It makes my husband happy, if no one else... I think he still has a dream that I'm going to eventually publish something that will make money.  However as I've taken no steps to cultivate this dream, it will have to stay just that.  Besides having something to dream about makes life more bearable most of the time. Although speaking of dreams, if I actually managed to retain one or two of the saga's that visit me at night I could make a lot of money in the publishing world;  I'm usually as entertained in my sleep as I am during an episode of Dexter or True Blood;  I'm definitely more enraptured by what visits me in my sleep than what I've recently read on the pages of the Shades of Grey series.  

In between trying to cool myself off at work and endeavouring to maintain a healthy life-style (meaning exercise and cooking healthy every day) I've been making plans for our upcoming Canada Day Party (while simultaneously crossing my fingers that the weather smartens up prior to next week), looking forward to a brief visit from my friend Roisin and her kids (they are detouring to us on their way to Ireland), and trying to get invitations ready to send out for my in-law's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party that we are hosting the Saturday after we return from Canada (I know!).  I must admit, Pinterest has been my favourite website these days as I look for inspiration;  well Pinterest and Amazon.  I've been busy ordering a lot of party supplies online as I'm reckoning on this year being our best Canada Celebration to date (although I will sorely miss my brother this year).  My hubby and I are going to get our party on, instead of running ourselves ragged being brilliant hosts.  I figure we can do both right?

In relation to party planning I'm seeking your help faithful readers, in relation to cocktail recipes.  I often find gorgeous cocktail recipes on Pinterest but most of them call for some kind of frozen concentrated juice, which we unfortunately don't get over here. Do you think regular juice would work in its place?  I suppose I could just give it a try which might make more sense, as I have a feeling that the few of you who who actually follow me are based on the other side of the Atlantic, where these frozen drinks are readily available.  Doubly annoying? It isn't even something I can bring back with me on my trips home.

I know, I know, I said I wouldn't whinge and here I am doing it again.  It's the heat, I swear. 


Fern Wimpley said...

I'm glad you blogged! I've been checking!! One year I WILL be there for the Canada Day party!! xoxo

Tawny said...

1) I always read, I just don't comment nearly enough and I have no excuse! I'm going to try and do better, promise!
2) Taylor wishes too that I could get published and make some money - Andy is not alone ;). The shameful thing in my situation is that I have a completed novel, in need of some editing but still complete and I've done NOTHING with it. It's just sitting there.
3) We pretty much ignore any cocktails that call for frozen juice or mixes of any kind because it's just too many calories and the sugar is insanely high. I have a new rule where I only drink frozen drinks if I'm on vacation. Period. Most of our yummy cocktails are made with liquor and a bit of juice. Tay makes a lovely drink that I quiet enjoy called a Purple Squirrel. There's another lovely summery drink he makes with strawberries and lemon that tastes like a red gummy bear. But honestly? In the summer? Nothing beats a proper mojito and there's nothing complicated there :).

Crystal said...

I lurk but don't comment. Replace the frozen concentrate with frozen berries and puree them.

Jody said...

Stace - here's to next year!
Tawn - Mohito's are def on my list and do something about that book!
Crystal - great idea; pleased to hear you still come around. I tend to forget some of my long-time readers.

I decided last night that I'm not going to quit regardless because if nothing this is a journal of my life and it will be fun to look back on if nothing else :)