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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Doug Heffernan would hate it

In March 2011 I made the decision to cut my hair into a bob and have spent the last 15 months growing it back out.  I have also been slowly making my way back to a lighter shade and think I'm finally there with the colour; a light brown with lots of blond steaks.  Like it normally does, my hair has grown quite quickly and this time around I've taken steps to ensure it stays fairly healthy by using good hair products and not straightening it all the time.  It's still very thick and frizzy;  not curly, not straight, often driving me to distraction.  I've lost interest in  trying to always have perfect hair via straightening and curling and wanted to find an easier way to acheive pretty styles...  I found the idea for a 'sock bun' on pinterest one day when I was looking around.  The tutorial promised that if I put my hair in the bun at night and released it in the morning it would come tumbling down around my shoulders in long, loose curls. Yeah... not quite.  But I'm not completely dismayed by this because I've taken to wearing my hair in the bun during the day:

It's super easy to do, looks tidy and keeps my hair from getting damaged.  I get loads of compliments on it, with people often saying how perfect it is and asking me how I do it (which I have to admit I like; I don't often get asked questions about hair styles, especially from the younger generation.)  From the front view I'm not sure it looks so great, but I'm happy to roll with this. 

And I swear the bun thing started before I actually became a Gran. 

 Let's hope it helps to keep my hair healthier while at the same time allowing me a cute, easygoing style, befitting of my roll as glamorous gran.  I needn't even bother to try and straighten it at the moment due to the high humidy (don't confuse this with heat - it has been damp and humid around these parts for far too long).  I straightened it yesterday and completely wasted my time; within an hour it was all frizzed up. I honestly wish I could find a product to rectify this situation. Feel free to let me know if you have a remedy.


Fern Wimpley said...

Let me know the secret to frizz free if you find it! And why didn't you should a pic of it from the front?! Love you! xo

Laraf123 said...

I think it is elegantly casual or is it, casually elegant? Either way your hair looks great--I'm jealous of the color!