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Friday, October 12, 2012


I've recently found a new blog via Pinterest called Clover Lane;  the author is a mother to six children ranging in age from a few months all the way up to 18 (I know, right?)  It might not appeal to all of you, especially since she often writes about raising kids, crafts and recipes (it was her site that turned me on to a fantastic chocolate chip cookie recipe). If she can find the time to blog anyone can. Anyway, I'm getting off track here.

In the last few years I've been trying hard to not become annoyed when I listen to a number of new parents complain about how hard life is now that they have kids; about trying to find that 'balance' in the home or in some cases with the home/work situation.  I'm not being dismissive here, I'm really not.  I get that it's not easy - I really do.  But at the end of the day I do believe that some people, women in particular make their lives a lot harder than they need to be.  Especially in their quest to be the perfect mother, wife, friend, whatever.  I don't even want to get started on how dismissive some new mom's are in relation to the way our mother's did it.  Sure we might know more (or think we do) but what is this quest that some women seem to be on to prove that they can do it better?  

I was browsing through Memories on Clover Lane and came across this post.  I think Sarah sums up the topic of Sacrifice Then vs Sacrifice Now perfectly.

Our mom's weren't perfect but most of the them did the very best they could with what they had at the time. Remember, no matter how perfect you try to be your kids will likely grow up and and think they can do a better job raising their kids then you have done raising them;  Just think of how much more information/technology/stuff  will be available to them in 20 plus years.

Or just maybe, your kids will grow up to be grateful for the Mom (or parent) they had and realise you only did the very best you could.    I know I fall into the latter category.  My mother is often the one I turn to when I need advice.  She is the one I constantly strive to be like when it comes to raising our kids.  Sure I have my own parenting methods that differ to my mother's, but in the long run it's her patience, kindness, generosity and love that I want to model when it comes to parenting.

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Laraf123 said...

I'm going to check out the blog right now--thanks for the tip!