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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maybe chasing a toddler was too much exertion?

We had Miss Daisy to stay for a few nights over the weekend;  it was a lovely opportunity to spend some time with our gorgeous little niece who already has the vocabulary and will of a 13 year old girl (or so it seems).  

A walk through Hearts Holm Park in Lincoln

She is full of wonderment and let me tell you this kid doesn't miss a trick. It was pure joy to see her glee at being reunited with our Molly or when she see's anything involving Mickey or Minnie Mouse. Her appetite is never-ending and meal times are far from difficult. That child loves her food let me tell you. To hear a one year old exclaim 'olives!' is very refreshing. It's kinda funny how both of my nieces love healthy food when a lot of toddlers will only eat mac and cheese.

We loved listening to her holler 'Mowwie, where aaa-re you' from various rooms in the house (Molly was often  anywhere else, save for the times when she would just give up and let Daisy flop down on her for a cuddle).

On Saturday our Moll was more interested in chasing squirrels than anything else.

Of course we had to take Daisy down to the sea front on Sunday, despite it being cold and windy...

(How cute is she?)

Bath times were fun too; this child is definitely a water baby who loves to 'swim' while in the tub and didn't mind having her hair washed in the least. Water on her face?  Like water off a duck's back.  Seriously. (Not that I discovered this by pouring it over her head myself, I was much more careful.)

Chillin after a long day of adventure...

We had a few fun, busy days however just as I was getting Daisy ready for bed on Sunday evening, Andy informed me that the chest pain he had been experiencing off and on throughout the day had been getting increasingly worse. I finally convinced him to stop trying to self-diagnose online and ring the GP Out of Hours Service   Of course they told him to ring for an ambulance which he debated doing for about ten minutes after hanging up. I told him his options were that I arrange for his Mum to come down with Daisy and we drive straight there, or he could call the ambulance and get checked out;  if they needed to take him in (I knew they would), then at least he would be seen straight away at A&E.

The paramedics came, hooked him up to their cardio machine, deduced he wasn't having a heart attack but decided to take him in to run some tests just to be on the safe side.  Seeing him off in in an ambulance wasn't the most pleasant of experiences but at least I wasn't panicked that he was having a heart attack.  I figured that it might be a gastro-intestinal problem (although I'm not a medical professional by any means, I do know that stomach issues often have similar symptoms) or maybe he might need to begin using inhalers... It was also strange to have to ring my mum-in-law to arrange for her to come sit with Daisy, who was peacefully sleeping by this point.

The A&E wasn't too busy that evening and luckily enough Andy was released within three hours, under the advice to go see his GP for an MOT (health check) and pick up some Gaviscon.  I rang his mum to report that he wasn't dead and we would be home when his bloods were back.  

(I told him I needed a photo for this)

I held his hand while we were waiting and told him I could get over being a granny before I was forty, but no way could I handle being a widow before then. No-way. So it's time for my husband to finally kick himself in the backside and start looking after himself better. He's decided to have the week off work to rest (he has been working flat out) and visit his medical centre for various tests.  Aside from being exhausted, he's doing well.  Now I just have to try and remember to not nag him (too much) about a serious change of diet and exercise.  Like I said to him, just because he's a granddad now, doesn't mean he has to play the part quite so well.


Laraf123 said...

Oh! I'm glad that Andy's condition wasn't more serious--how scary for both of you! I can't imagine how you felt seeing him off in the ambulance...
Hopefully a week off of work will do him a world of good!

Valentina said...

Wow, guys, what a scare! I am so glad Andy is ok! A big hug to both of you, xxx

Tawny said...

I kept meaning to comment on this all last week but apparently, I can't comment using my phone and I'm never on an actual computer anymore - but anyway!

That sounds really scary and stressful and worrisome but glad to hear that Andy is okay.

And it's funny how sometimes we need something like that to happen to be a wake up call to take better care of ourselves. So important, especially when we have others relying/depending on us.

Love to you all, XOXO