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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Up That Plank

During the time we were at Mersey River this past summer we enjoyed a lot of time noisily jumping off the large raft into the rusty red water to beat the heat.  (Andy chose to be anti-social and hog the smaller raft in his quest to tan in relative peace.) The boys enjoyed making up games to play and often challenged each other to such things as who could dive and swim the furthest underwater, or who had the most ease in jumping over the canoes docked along side the raft.   Stacy and I played it relatively safe, really only jumping off the raft backwards and Dawn preferred to sit and watch.

(I managed to snap these funny shots with my IPhone.)

I don't know who's idea it was to see who could hold out the longest in plank position (possibly Stacy) but that I was definitely up for (the 30 Day Shred paid off in more than one way).  I won't say who went out first or last but I am pleased to report that it wasn't me who gave in first even though I thought it would be. 

Since I've been back home I've tried to get back into a regular routine which is inclusive of increasing my ability to stay in the plank position each time I visit the gym. I keep telling myself to do it every day, whether I'm at the gym or not. There is nothing stopping me from doing so and I think that today might just be the day I start.  No day like Hump Day to get over a slump right?


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