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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Thoughts on getting better at following through

I have been a bad blogger of late.  I keep telling myself that this is the month I will make a more determined effort to post more frequently. I'm not the only one who has been remiss with posting as a number of you are saying the same when I visit your sites, but that doesn't make it better.  I will really try and make October the month I actually post more, rather than just think about it. Even if it I don't have a huge following, blogging is therapeutic to me for my own reasons.     

I was telling a friend the other day how traumatic it was for me a few years back, when I updated the design on my wall and in doing so lost all the comments I had collected from so many of you over the years (there were a lot more circa 2011).  I used to love perusing older posts followed up by your encouraging comments; and now although I still post, albeit infrequently, I rarely have any comments, which can be discouraging at time but I also realise people are busy.  Also I'm not the most whimsical or witty writer and I'm not ever going to be in the running for hosting one of the most popular blogs on the Internet which was never my goal in the first instance. I do this for myself (and my family).  Besides, I can see from Feedjit that you are still dropping by so thank you for that.  I'm taking a moment to to give a shout out though, to Lara and Stacy for taking the time to let me know  they have been by - thanks girls; I always smile when I see a comment under one of my posts and can pretty much guarantee it will be from one of you... my regulars :)  

So... here's what's been going on this past weekend (not necessarily in my world):  

Canada hosted it's annual Run for the Cure event this week and both my sisters participated: :  

Stacy in Halifax 

Tawny and Clara in Mississauga

I wish I could have been with either of them because this race matters so much to us girls. 

Stacy sent Molly this cute collar in the post: 

Molly sporting her new collar :) 

 I'm going to set myself a goal to run the Race for Life with Molly next June, which is the equivalent here in England.  No more excuses. 

We had a fairly quiet weekend. I haven't been sleeping well and in a quest to sort myself out have finally started working out again.  I'm making another promise to myself as well to do at least two gym classes a week (on top of regular workouts).  If nothing, I feel so much better when I'm fitter, which usually helps me get a better night's sleep.  

Everyone seems to be battling some kind of illness and our little Jayden has been suffering with a cough and bad chest since the week after we returned from Nova Scotia. 

He spent much of Thursday night and Friday afternoon in the hospital having tests to find out if he has whooping cough.  They still haven't had the results back.

His mum took this picture of him on Friday: 

As poorly as he has been feeling, this kid still wakes up with that beautiful smile on his face every time.  

Well that's my weekend update.  Hopefully it won't be another two weeks before I'm back. 


Laraf123 said...

I love that you have photos of your sisters participating in the same run, the same weekend in different cities. You have a very inspiring family! Hope Jayden is feeling MUCH better today.

Tina said...

I am always here, and sometimes I even wear my flip flops :)

Fern Wimpley said...

Jayden is SO SO cute!
Love you sister! xo