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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Is it a Blog, Pinterest or Food Addiction? Perhaps it's all of the above...

I've been asked this question many times throughout my life: 
'If you could have any career, what would it be?'  Up until a short while ago it has always been an editor at a publishing house (or a brilliant novelist, I can never fully decide).  

These days?  I would settle for professional blogger.  How awesome is it that so many women out there are making a lot of money by staying home and writing about their passions in life without having to first find an willing agent/publisher?  And there are so many different ways to capture an audience. It seems that the most popular blogs seem to fall under these categories: Food, Diet & Exercise, Crafts (DIY) and of course there are the Mommy-bloggers.

I've always tried to keep a current list of favourites on my side bar.  A couple of  these have included women who are single mother's by choice (these are fiercely strong, devoted women let me tell you), and for awhile I was following a lot of Northern (Canadian) bloggers, yet most of them have relocated back to more eastern parts of Canada and now  fall under the mommy -blogger category (I think), which is perfectly fine by me.  You may also find a few others that are quirky and off the beaten path.  I do like variety after all. 

I have begun to notice though that my side-bar is becoming inundated with bloggers who churn out some amazing food.  I'm constantly trawling Pinterest for goodies of the edible type and have stumbled across a lot of really interesting sites because of it.    

 Although I have grown to love being in my kitchen I don't have the motivation or drive to be a professional blogger.  Oh, but how I wish I did.  Besides I'm still an amateur so added to my lack of motivation we will just rule it out. Perhaps if I didn't work-full time. Jobs have a nasty habit of getting in the way of so much fun right?.   

As much as I wish training at the gym could be my passion, its not and never will be. Sure, I will always find a balance between the gym and food because I have to;  yet I will never be anyone's inspiration. That's for certain. 

So professional blogging aside, I'm pleased to report that although I tend to drift through life reading, drinking wine and working out (when it actually occurs to me to throw on some work out gear) the only other thing I'm truly passionate about is food.  Oh, and the Winchester boys.  And perhaps I should throw my husband in with the lot for good measure ;)  He sure doesn't complain about the amount of time I spend in the kitchen these days. Now if only I could find the right balance between the kitchen and the bedroom.  Work really does have a bad habit of getting in the way of my regularly scheduled life doesn't it? But wait I've already clarified that. 

  Wednesday evening while dinner was in the oven I whipped up a batch of Nigella's Banana Butterscotch Muffins, although I substituted chocolate coated caramel pieces instead of butterscotch. (Nigella is another one who could easily ignite some passion; the woman is stunning after all.)  

I had a few banana's that were the wrong side of ripe and these are always a great alternative to just tossing the banana's in the bin.    

I love banana's however I'm not a fan of banana flavoured food; yet these go down a treat with a morning coffee. 


Fern Wimpley said...

They look delish!

Julie the Wife said...

I. Love. Food. And I'm also not a fan of banana flavored food, but these butterscotch concoctions look delicious!