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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

It's big and it's red

I was going to post last week about what a long, horrible week it had been at work but decided to forgo it.  You are welcome for that. 

This weekend while Andy watched the last race of the F1 Season, instead of going to the gym for a much needed workout, I got my packages wrapped up and ready to be sent to Canada. Every year I tell myself I'm going to get sorted and send my post surface as it's so much less extortionate pricey but this year was definitely not one of those years.  Hell, none of these years are ever those years.  I also consider shopping on line (Canadian sites) for my family but never seem to find just what I'm looking for.  Never mind, it's Christmastime. I rarely see my niece so if sending her a parcel costs almost as much as her mother's Christmas present, then so be it.  She's worth it.  Sure sending money to her folks might be easier but part of the joy of having a beautiful little girl in our family is the pleasure I get from buying her pretty things.   

Speaking of pretty (and useful) things, this is what I'm dreaming about for Christmas this year: 

Yes it is similar (but perhaps a few hundred ££ less) to what Nigella has :) 

Because we are going to the Maldives for my birthday I'm not asking for anything else;  between Andy and the kids they should have this covered. 

I had planned to crack on with the majority of my Christmas baking as well this past weekend but that didn't happen.  I managed to start the one Christmas craft I'm making this year and hope to finish it, along with my baking within the next two weeks. 

Shopping?  Well that will be a combination of on-line and the odd dash out;  the crowds in our town centre are dodgy at best, especially this year. 

I'm thinking about starting to run jog  on my lunch break - it's time I started making more of an effort.  A beach holiday less than a month after Christmas should be incentive enough right? Well so would you think.  

Time to get my motivation back. 

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Laraf123 said...

I'm way behind you when it comes to holiday preparations. Of course, I don't have to send gifts across the ocean, but still, I admire your organization! I hope your niece enjoys your gift as much as you enjoyed choosing it. Oh, and a holiday in the Maldives? What a wonderful way to celebrate your birthday! No postChristmas let down for you this year!