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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Tuesday Is Chooseday

Would you rather:
1. All your toenails rot and fall off OR grow a thick, bushy coat of back hair?
All my toenails fall out... once you got over the rotting part it wouldn't be sooo bad - at least its only your feet.

2. Have the psychic ability to hear other people's thoughts but be unable to turn it off OR the psychic ability to transmit your thoughts to everyone within a mile, but again you can't turn it off? Be able to hear everyone else's thoughts. Who wants the whole world knowing your private thoughts?

3. Watch Richard Simmons and Susan Powter get it on OR Oprah and Dr. Phil? Oprah and Dr. Phil. Everything about Richard Simmons drives me NUTS.

4. Find a cure for cancer, but be ridiculed for it for 20 years before it was accepted OR find a cure for cancer and be considered a hero for 5 years, only for the public to find out it was a hoax? Find a cure for cancer. Nothing about cancer should ever be made into a hoax.

Halifax, We Have a Problem

The problem being as such: In less than 3 weeks I'm supposed to board a plane to fly to Toronto and after a few days vist, home. I have approximately 13 working days left to have my passport with approved visa returned to me. Less than that actually, because if I don't have this in time, I have to change my flight.

Someone asked me the other day if I couldn't just fly home and have Andy send me my passport avec visa in the mail once its been delivered here. Ummmm. NOPE. Something tells me that the Canadian Immigration Services just aren't going to take my word for it that I am, actually, Canadian.

I'm rather annoyed about this, especially since IND in London told me that the processing of my visa shouldn't take more than two weeks. With this assurance we made the decision to have it processed by mail rather than showing up personally, paying an extra £100 and having it processed in one day. The woman actually encouraged us to do it by mail. Now I'm being told it normally takes 3 weeks, but could take up to 13 WEEKS, depending on if it has to go to a case worker. If this happens I won't get home before September and that is just not ON.

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