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Friday, June 11, 2004

Visit My Guest Map!!!

I've just added a Guest Map. Feel free to visit and 'post' your presence! Its down on my sidebar just above my Guest Book.

Just Not Into It

These past couple of days I haven't really had much to talk about. I'm feeling kind of 'out of sorts' these days anyway, which doesn't really give me the ambition to write much here. Maybe tomorrow I will have something more interesting to talk about.

Oh, I should note that I have been sticking to watching my food intake and over the last few weeks and I'm down five pounds from the weight I was when I left NS. I'm at my lowest weight yet, however I still have a ways to go. I figure its better to get some more weight off before I go home and probably put weight on, although I will try my hardest as I have full intentions of signing up at Nubody's for the month.

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