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Tuesday, June 08, 2004

I'm Itching To Get Going

Despite the fact that I'm planning a couple of days in Nottingham with Andy's sister Alison this month, and despite the fact I will miss Andy and his family ALOT, I have to say as the time grows so much nearer, I'm just itching to get home. I'm so looking forward to long lazy swims in the lake and seeing lots of movies with Stacy, and eating my Dad's BBQ at night. I'm hyped about having a few drinks at the pub with Darla and Glen while listening to some good old Nova Scotia music. (Even better now Stacy can be included in this ). I keep thinking about doing things like heading to the beach with Annette and camping with Dawn and the girls. Both Annette and Marina will have new apartments by the time I get home and I can't wait to check out the new pads (luckily both are in the same neighborhood!). But the one thing I'm mostly looking forward to about getting home is to be able to see and hug my MOM.

Something else that is drawing near is our Wedding in October. It's already June and now the date is only four months away and I haven't done much in preparation. Yesteray while talking with Tawny we decided that not only will we go shopping together for my dress during my stopover in TO, we will spend a night doing the invitations so that they are mailed out in time. It means a lot to me that my sister is so interested in helping me. I'm very thankful for this as God knows she's twice as organized as I am. I also have to admit that although I don't really like doing that stuff, I'm looking forward to it as I will be doing it with my sister and I think we will have lots of fun during those 3 days.

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