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Sunday, June 13, 2004

The Girls and I Posted by Hello

This is a picture of me with Alison (white tank), Zoe (beside me) and Beryl, who is like another mother to me. We all had a nice afternoon out a little while ago and as the picture is of a really happy time, I just felt like sharing it - also I thought it'd be nice for all of you to see some of my friends here.

Today is a gorgeous sunny day and I've been sitting outside for most of the afternoon just soaking up the rays. I'm enjoying a relaxing afternoon all to myself and am looking forward to a nice steak dinner grilled on the George Forman for our dinner. This is the time when I'd really like a BBQ... Something that I'm sure we will purchase after we have paid for our wedding!

Football Fever

Tonight England versus France in the beginning games of the Euro 2004 matches. Almost everyone here is in a frenzy of excitement. It doubles any fuss I've ever seen made over the Stanly Cup Playoffs. I've never seen a country so supportive of its own team - nearly everyone on the street is wearing England Football Tops, and a number of cars are sporting the English Flag... We've been invited to a Football Party over at Carol-Anne's and Andy's brother and friends will be out in the pub tonight and have extended an invitation to join them as well. I will strongly encourage Andy to go out with his brother as I think he needs an enjoyable night out. Also it'd be better than sitting here alone watching it. (As you all know watching sports is not one of my aspirations in life and I do not intend sitting here for the duration of the Canadian Grand Pre plus an additional 2+ hours of a game I don't follow.)

I do understand all the hype and I will be happy if England wins the match. And although many of the footballers are quite good-looking, and unlike hockey players back home, are not covered from head to foot in protective gear so you can actually see these attractive guys, its still not enough of an enticement to keep my attention. If it was a live match, maybe-definitely. I just think that Andy would enjoy it much better if I wasn't there raining on his parade... I am quite happy to amuse myself for the night.

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