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Friday, September 24, 2004

I fear I'm addicted...

Stacy sent me a link to a new Games site after I had requested the Tetris link... turns out its got Pacman on it and I seem to spend a lot of time playing it. I find myself trying to score as many points as I can and thus win an extra pacman before moving on to the next level and often end up frustrated, thus going back for more. Addicted I tell you! I don't understand why today's kids need all these violent and abusive games... not when there is Pacman! It takes me back to such a long time ago... God what was it we even played this game on beside the one in the arcade? Atari??? While looking for pacman icons I came across one with teeth and what does it make me think of - PacMan Cereal - that was good stuff too - I don't suppose they still sell it?

A Weekend of Birthdays

Today Alex is 12 and we are lucky enough to have him this weekend. We celebrated at Pizza Hut and he is now happily upstairs playing the games we bought for him on the PS2... Connor is with him and you'd barely know they were here. We plan to make the most of this last weekend with them before we head out to Canada. Tomorrow we pick Tasha up around noon before heading over to Andy's mom's for Claire's birthday party (Andy's sister). We are having cake for both Claire and Alex. Tomorrow night Andy and I are off to the Mill House for our friend Paul's birthday. I like the Mill House and am so looking forward to enjoying a delicious meal - I've been saving up all week, tonight I only had a salad bar at Pizza Hut!

Since I haven't Meme'd In Awhile...

The Weigh it Is

How would you describe your everyday clothing style? Since I'm not working, relaxed and comfortable - jeans and tee's.

What is your favorite piece of clothing?My black Ralph Lauren 3/4 length Tee and my pink polka dot boy shorts & matching tank from Victoria's Secret.

What type of clothing do you avoid the most? Why? Clothes that reveal my stomach and tops that you can't wear a bra with - these reasons are probably self-explanatory.

Does your weight influence the way you shop? Sadly my weight influences almost everything in my life, but definitely how I shop - I don't have the sort of figure that can get away with wearing anything.

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