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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Time Grows Even Shorter

Well - Four days until we leave for Toronto! On Monday next we will be in Halifax and will be down to the last five days before the wedding. I have pretty much sorted out what needs to be sorted, save for the music thing. I think the wedding music itself will be pretty modern. As for the party - well that's up to the DJ and what the guests request. I just hope there is a good mix. I'm leaning more towards not having a so-called 'first song/dance' as I don't really want to dance in front of everyone to a slow song, I was hoping more for something upbeat that everyone could join in with, however Andy is now saying he won't 'dance', not to fast music anyway... so perhaps the best thing to do is just get the party going with some upbeat music!

Trading Spaces Versus Changing Rooms

I was never what you'd call a big fan of Trading Spaces while at home. Every now and then I would watch a show, but usually just grew impatient to see the end result and what the neighbours would think of their new space. Although sometimes the designers had neat ideas, sometimes they were just plain awful. One thing I have noticed with watching the UK Version - Changing Rooms, is that the people changing rooms don't let the designers get away with as much as they do in the US Version. I was watching it this morning and found myself feeling bad for the designer, something I rarely found myself doing with the US version. These two women were just knocking everything the designer was coming up with, and her ideas weren't actually too bad. But I guess the people next door know the person who's room they are re-decorating much better... I vote for Changing Rooms.

PS - I like the host of Changing Rooms much better as well.

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