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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

I Gotta Get A Helmet

I just got back from an hour long bike ride and let's just say, well I'm worn out. I didn't really know what the plan was when I set out, I just knew that it was a sunny day and I needed some exercise. I ended up traveling thru little villages, only one really familiar, thus ending up, well a little lost - but only momentarily. After looping around a village called Tetney twice I sorted myself out and got back on track. The only trouble with the whole route was that I found myself on a little track of highway. Although the highway has a cycle lane, it didn't give me comfort knowing I had no helmet on my head. I'm sorry, but I can't be like 75% of the British population and not wear one.

Am I Coming or Going?

Last Friday I happily picked Carol Anne up to head out shopping for the rest of my wedding shower loot. As we made the turn from her street onto one of the queiter main ones we were chatting cheefully, so much so that while we were sat at a set of lights Carol Anne calmly breaks her line of speech and says 'Jode, your on the wrong side of the road!' OOOPS. We had a laugh and I corrected myself. That was my first blooper since coming back into the country. My second blooper? Monday morning I scraped the white paint off a post and on to our car while exiting the rather small driveway belonging to the physiotherapist (he works out of his house.) Now I'd made the exit no problem the week before, and this one was straight out, but I still goofed. I'm not used to marking up my car - I'm a pretty damn good driver, especially over here (despite what Mrs. McLaughlin thinks ;)- I'm almost over-cautious and I certainly stick to the speedlimits, which is a big change for me, its just getting used to such SMALL spaces over here - its enough to drive me nuts.

Weddings R Expensive & A Slight Pain in the Ass

Well - its one day less a month until Andy and I exchange our vows in front of our closest friends and family. Some ask me if I'm nervous. My reply - no, not really. I'm trying to look at it as a celebration of love - not just between Andy and I, but of everyone - our families and friends. Although I know this day will be special I'm having a hard time trying to get things sorted out. Hard to believe I'm sure, as this as I have a wedding coordinator, however there are still monetary issues to sort out, a few decisions to be made re music, flowers etc. which I'm having an extremely hard time with. Also I'm trying to firm up the response lists and food choices, soemthing that needs to be done by the end of this week, especially since Tawny is going to be AWOL over the next few weeks (she's happily going to be at the Toronto Film Festival with Tay and Dawn - lucky bitches). On top of all this Andy had made the suggestion that he'd like us to do our own vows. As lovely as that sounds, I don't think that's going to happen. I get stressed over the ordinary stuff, how the hell would I be able to come up with something that explains how my heart feels as well as sound unique? Very doubful but I suppose we'll see what happens...

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