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Thursday, September 23, 2004

A New Week

Well things have quieted down and are pretty much getting back to normal. I'm a little dissapointed with the level I let my stress take me to, especially since I've ended up with an outbreak of stress rash on my shoulders that will take a week or two to calm down - yeah, just what you want before your wedding. I have however been to the Doctor and all is going to be ok.

In reading over what I had wrote on Monday, I must say, boy did I sound down and out. And I was for a couple of hours. But everything has been sorted out and the kids are happier. Although Andy is starting to realize that Tasha was better off going home, I think he still misses her, which is understandable. I will say at this point that after reviewing what I had written about not being heard didn't really come across right. The only times I actually get told they are his children to worry about is when I'm letting it get me really stressed or if there is something I really disagree with in regard to punishment. I know that these comments are made a)to try and help and b) because each person believes in different ways to sort out disobidient kids. These comments have never come from Andy - they come from our mothers. Andy and I usually talk things out and he often takes my advice because, well let's face it - it makes sense ;)

Anyway... for now things are back to normal. We saw all three kids last night and they are fine.

Time Grows Short

Well - just over a week before we board that plane that will bring us back to Nova Scotia. Just over two weeks before Andy and I become Husband and Wife in front of all those we love!!!! I do believe that I am finally beginning to get excited! I'm pretty calm about most things because no matter what happens (or doesn't) we will be surrounded by loving friends and family and so long as we are able to get married, eat some fine food and have a good party, that is all that matters. The RSVP list is firming up and it looks like the numbers will be 75-80, which is lovely number.

I'm really excited to see so many people again, all those who I saw while I was back home in the summer, those relatives that are coming from far away, and of course Cat and her man who are flying in from Colorado! Its been a year too long since she and I last saw each other!

I was also thrilled to get the fantastic news yesterday that my dear friends Jeff and Jaime Brown are expecting their first baby!!! Whooo-hoo! I can't imagine a better set of parents-to-be! It was great to get some happy news this week!

So... I have a few busy days ahead of me with trying to sort and pack. I've been managing my weight and think I'm actually going to try and get my ass out for a run, something I have not done in a LONG time...

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