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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Whose Fence Is It Already?

Ok... we have a fence that separates our block of houses from the Pub's parking lot right behind us. A few months ago one section had blown down in strong winds and the Estate Agency sent someone out to repair it (we all rent). They left one section un-repaired as its behind the house on our other side, saying that it was the responsibility of the guy next door to fix since he owns the property. Ok fine... we left it hoping he would fix it soon.

Here we are three months later and after some very strong winds the whole fence has blown down behind all four houses in the block that we live in, not counting the area that was never fixed by our neighbour. Kids are now running through our backyard and acting up, we are getting the bright lights of headlights shining into our house every evening from the pub, and we are all getting fed up with it. The Estate Agency has finally told us (after a dispute over who's responsibility it is to put the fence back up - theirs or the pub's) they will be sending someone out to fix it, but again, they can't do anything about the guy's fence on the other side of us. Its time likes these when we need a Tawny or Gary, lol!

I was talking to Julie next door and I suppose I will have to ask Simon (the guy on the other side) if he's going to do anything about his fence. I'm not looking forward to it but I think if I explain that its making us gals next door a bit uneasy to have all these people running through our yards late at night, it might help - who knows? He seems a nice enough guy, but I'm a bit weary of neighbours, especially when reading my sister's blog, lol. I still might just write him a note on a nice card....

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