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Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm Going Over the Top

This picture is of the Grimsby Dock Tower which can be seen for miles around the local area. It was originally built so that the local fishermen and sailors would always know they were close to home once the tower was in sight. We can even spot it from various areas in the village where I live. On May 8th a Cancer Foundation is hosting a 275 abseil from this tower and I fully intend to be part of the group. Not only is it a great way to have some fun, but better yet, do something positive for the community and raise money for cancer. I had originally planned to do a tandem parachute jump for the Foundation, (easy-peasy for me, since I've previously jumped on my own) however I thought it might be nice to start with this local event.

A Start In Sight

This morning I received a phone call asking would I be able to start my job on Monday. As exciting as the news was, I had to inform Lucy (my new employer) that as we still have Alex with us and it is 1/2 term for his school, I would have to wait an additional week. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for Lucy, she is off that week to a health spa... so we set my start date for February 28th. Thank God, I am looking forward to this like there is no tomorrow.

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