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Monday, February 14, 2005

A Little Ronan, Champagne and Chilli...

Its 4:30 on Valentines Day and have just put a pot of chilli in the oven. I'm sitting here listening to the Ronan Keating CD, namely the one song - Father & Son, that Andy gave me as part of my Valentine's gift. Its a bitterly cold and windy day out, however I have taken advantage of the wind to dry some towels. I find myself more relaxed and at peace today than I have felt in awhile. The trials and tribulations with the Dragon still continue and of course court faces me on Thursday, but in all honesty, its not at the forefront of my thoughts. I have supplied the information that I have and what will be will be.

At the moment Alex is over at his Grandma's fixing his bike. Soon he will be home for his tea (supper). I am contemplating heading upstairs for a bubble bath and to enjoy the mini bottle of champagne my husband gave to me last night before he left. Tonite I am off out to Strictly Come Dancing, an event that will highlight two of Britain's top Ballroom Dancers with my friend Beryl.

I would like to acknowledge that today is my special Valetine, Annette Brown's birthday - I wish her all that she deserves... maybe she will be blessed with being an Aunty for the first time on this day as we are all anxiously awaiting the birth of her brother's first born!

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