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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

We met the Fockers

Last night Alex and I took ourselves out to a movie to get away from the chance that someone might call and upset him for the third night in a row. It was a successful night as we both found the movie refreshingly funny. I think the director gave us a wickedly amusing sequel, so much so that I personally enjoyed it more than the first.


Yesterday while I was chatting to Andy on the phone re the various occurrences in our life, we got to talking about my job. Or non-job, as it seemed. Andy was pushing me to call and find out what the hold up was however I informed him that I know what the hold up is. They are awaiting clearance on my Police Records Check and I was told that this could take up to six weeks or longer. I have been in contact with my employer at least bi-weekly for various things and I was not going to be calling her to find out what the deal was as I was secure in the fact that she would call me and let me know if something had changed.

I received that call today as Lucy rang to invite me to a 'Time Out' program for all her admin. staff from the various clinics being held on Friday morning - sort of a discussion group for everyone to talk about learning objectives and changes/challenges affecting the clinics. Although I haven't started, it'd be a nice event to go to and meet some of the people I will be working with, learn a bit about my new position and enjoy a free luncheon. I'm looking forward to it. During this call Lucy informed me that all should be a go soon, that there had just been a hold up at HR over some 'confusion' with my maiden name. I told you all that the English seem to have a hard time grasping the idea of a gal keeping her own name... sheesh. Anyway, the main thing is that I'm going to start working again soon.

To Knock on the Door... Or Not

Alex to say the least, is an outdoor kid. He does amuse himself while inside, but if the weather permits, he prefers to be outside. There is a place down at the back of our estate where kids jump their bikes - lots of hand-made hills and dips. The problem is Connor is rarely here and unless Alex has a friend or cousin to stay over, he has no one to go with. The same goes for football or anything else he might want to do outside. There are two boys who live in in the houses next door. We know one, Jack, however Jack doesn't often want to play out he's more of an indoor kid. Then there is Ben, who I do know is an outdoor kid and would probably go out with Alex in an instant. However they have never really met and Alex is hesitant to go 'call for him'. I've mentioned it to him a few times, but hey, when I think back to being that age, I doubt I would have went and knocked on a strange kid's door. Anyway, I've just noticed that Alex is outdoors now kicking the ball around with Jack. I know its not been easy for him since he doesn't go to the local school, however now that the weather is warming up, maybe the boys next door and he will get to be pals.

So, last night at just after eleven I was just getting offline when I heard a knock at the door. I walked over, thinking it might be Julie, my neighbour (Jack's mom), however the tall, big outline quickly diffused that thought. I leaned down to the mail slot and asked who it was. I heard a man say, 'Open the door'. I muttered, 'not likely' to myself as I quickly went upstairs to look out of Alex's front room window. There was a guy standing there wearing a baseball cap and holding a 40 oz, almost empty booze bottle. A car was parked near him with the engine running. I watched as he pulled out a mobile phone, dialed a number, swore, hung up and then spoke to the person in the car, who then drove off. I waited a minute more until I saw him finally walk off in the direction of the next few doors. I'm not sure who he was, or what he wanted but he might have been the guy who lives on the other side of Julie. After about 20 minutes another car came back and I saw someone get into it from the house two doors down. After that I heard a door slam a couple more times, then all was quiet. I must say, it didn't affect my sleep and I was just relieved it didn't wake Alex up.

This morning when Andy called to make sure all was fine (I had been chatting to him after the door knock) I ended up telling Alex what had happened the previous night. He asked why hadn't I woken him. When I expressed puzzlement at this, his explanation was 'Mum would have'...

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