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Friday, March 18, 2005

I Believe I've Finally Got It!

When I moved away from home in 2003 I was given some very special 'gifts'. One was a beautiful journal style book with lovely handwritten notes and drawings, plus pictures of special times placed sporadically throughout the pages. She thoughtful left many pages free for me to fill in myself, or have others write something for me... It was from my dear friend Dawn. She'd also placed in it a few recipes, one the Chipolte Sauce Reipe from Subway (an inside joke) and another a gorgeous salad with dressing. I have made the salad a few times and am grateful for the recipe as its lovely in the spring/summer.

My mother also included a recipe - a full page and a half's worth, for 'Jody's favourite chocolate chip/oatmeal cookies'. These were the cookies my mom often made at about 10 at night when the mood took her and Stacy and I would ultimately end up eating four or five while watching Survivor. Of course she'd made them for me when I moved away, and always makes them for me when I go home. Early last year, when I'd only been here about 2 months I decided that I would try and attempt to make them myself, however daunting the recipe seemed. Naturally, they did not turn out to be anything like mom's. I tried about 2 more times after that and again met with failure. I figured that it must just be that ingredients differ a bit over here (but really it must be that I'm no baker) and gave up.

Recently I have been trying to make these cookies again. I went out and bought a different kind of margarine (specifically for baking) and carefully measured out the ingredients. By my second attempt I'd finally gotten it right! I've just baked some this morning and helped myself to two. The boys really enjoy them and I figured it would be a nice treat for them this weekend (and well, I was craving them myself to be perfectly honest).

Where I had been going wrong? Well I do believe the margarine was a big part of it, however on my first attempt this year I realized that I was using my fancy 'Pampered Chef' measuring cup incorrectly. It was designed to measure both dry and liquid material and you have to do remove the inner tube to the right direction depending on what you are making... me not being an advid cook, I stupidly measured wrong prior to now. It took me long enough to recognize my mistake but at least I've sorted that out :)

However, let me say this: As scrumptious as these cookies taste, they aren't quite the same as the one's my mother lovingly makes!!!


1. Do you believe in love at first sight? I suppose I do but its very rare. More often than not I believe its probably more of a 'lust' at first sight.

2. Do you believe in soulmates? I think that sounds a bit tacky at times, but I suppose I do. However I don't think the term 'soulmates' should only be used in reference to lovers. I feel that your soulmate could be your best friend, or someone that you have a very special connection to.

3. Do you believe in second chances? I believe that someone should always be given a second chance, but that is it.

4. What are your non-negotiables in a relationship? Dishonesty, deceit, cruelty.

5. Would you rather be single or be married to the wrong person for the rest of your life? Single - I'm not one of those people who attach a 'stigma' to the singles in this world. Most people who remain single have a pretty good reason for doing so. I've sometimes said, when chatting with friends who are sad and lonely about not having a boyfriend/girlfriend (particularly when not all people in relationships are happy) 'I'd rather be alone and lonely, than with someone and alone...'

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