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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Our Weekend Getaway

Last weekend we decided to get ourselves away for the weekend. We decided upon Stratford Upon Avon, a beautiful town with so much history and also happens to be where Shakespeare hails from. Although I am not an advid enthusiast of WS, it was pretty cool to visit this place that has so much history, and involves an actual person I know something about.

The Bedroom On the Left is Where Shakespeare was born... That's me looking out the other window...

Although the weather forecasters got it wrong (as usual) and it wasn't the predicted sunny and 20 degrees, it was nonetheless a fairly warm day, if overcast. That evening after walking the streets of SUA, visiting local shops and the WS attractions, we retired to our lovely 4 star old English Inn to have a swim. Although the sun was just beginning to shine, our weary bones needed the relaxing atmosphere of pool and sauna!

Anne Hathaway's Cottage (WS's Wife)

The next morning we were up early in anticipation of the walk I had mapped out that would take us to Anne Hathaway's Cottage. It could easily have been accessed by car, however I thought the stroll through the villages of Stratford would be much more rewarding, and I was right. It was an invigorating start to the day and the cottage was well worth the walk.

Upon arrival back at the hotel (we were already checked out), we jumped in the car in eager anticipation of the journey to Warwick Castle.

River Surrounding Warwick Castle...

The Castle and grounds were absolutely amazing and gigantic in size. Our legs were well worn out from climbing countless narrow stairwells to get to the top of every single tower! We took a full 3 hours to investigate nearly every inch of the castle. Although I had been pretty gung-ho to check out the dungeon, I was pretty spooked out while investigating it and the torture chambers - a few of the 'implements' used in the dark ages were quite creepy looking and I could only cringe at the types of torture people could actually inflict on another human being! The feelings of unease didn't evaporate until I'd been outside for at least 10 minutes. I was only too happy to leave the 'depths of despair'.

Only a small portion (the living quarters) of the castle...

We definitely enjoyed walking throughout the living quarters of the castle as the decor was absolutely fantastic and was replicated to look much the way it did in the 1800's. Such grandeur! Alex of course wasn't as thrilled as much as Andy and I and was eager to get back outside and move on to the next tower!

My 'Knights' in not so shining armour!

It was a great weekend and I look forward to having more like it in future, especially when Stacy comes and I get to experience even more of the wonders the UK has to offer with her!

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