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Monday, March 07, 2005

This is the first book that Katie Long has written and it was a fantastic read. For those of you who enjoyed such books as the Shopaholic Series, I think you'd really enjoy this novel. Its a light read that touches on serious issues, but more importantly, its a touchingly funny read.

Kathy Kelly is a new author that I have discovered since moving to the UK and I haven't read a book of hers that I have not become completely immensed in. She usually touches on the lives of three to four woman, either sisters or friends and the trials and tribulations of their lives. And better yet, they are not romantic sagas.

No Entiendo

Spanish Classes. Hrmmmm. The problem is, I entered the program at Level One, Section Two and as a result I feel a little thrown into the deep end. We have had a substitute teacher last week and will have her again this Thursday. She is really good and works at a speed much more managable to Wendy and myself, plus the fact that her accent is a little bit easier to understand than our Anna's. Melana informed Wendy and I that she will be taking the beginners class, but also teaches private Spanish classes in her home and offered to teach Wendy and I for the price of one. Naturally we are very interested. I have wanted to learn Spanish my whole life and just because this first class isn't as successful as I'd hoped, I want to persevere. Besides I think Melana is someone I could become friends with...

Isn't It Ironic?

Andy took me out for a romantic dinner on Saturday night and I have to say, it was something we both needed desperately. The food was fantastic, the wine was cool and refreshing and our conversation flowed. We stoped into our 'local' on the way home for a drink and ran into our neighbour, Simon. Simon is single and happened to be with a friend of his, Marc, who is single too. Ultimately, the conversation moved to my friends and if any of them might be single. Being me in my usual, chatty way, I naturally informed them of the 30 something single, female friends I had back home, but of course that was totally useless to them. Figures. Back home its the single girls I know looking for a man, over here there's the single men. Of course Julie next door is hopeful of meeting someone, so I believe a BBQ mixer with the neighbours might be in order this spring - I know she's not overly interessted in Simon but maybe his friend???? hmmmm...

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