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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

If I have ever received one compliment that was worth something, it is this one: 'You are a lot like your mother'. Today is my mother's birthday and I want the world to know how much she means to me. She is the woman I admire most above all others. I miss her every single day, but I carry her with me in my heart everywhere I go. I am so truly lucky to have been blessed with this precious woman as my mom. I believe there just might be four others out there who feel the same way too.


My Beautiful Mama Posted by Hello

30 Years Later

Yesterday was my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary. I'm so proud that they have made it this far. There were many times when I was very uncertain that they would persevere, but they did. They stuck to it, and they have made it work. Although at times life was more rocky than smooth, they have managed to come through it as friends. Although my dad couldn't make it home from the road yesterday due to the weather conditions, he is at the moment burning the blacktop to get home to her by dinner tonight...

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