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Saturday, September 17, 2005

100 Things About Me (Sad But Bluntfully True)

1. My eyes are usually hazel but when I cry or get angry they turn green
2. I'm the only one in my immediate family with that colour eyes.
3. I once punched a (big) boy on a school bus in grade 8 for grabbing my boob
4. I love Dairy Queen Blizzards
5. The first time I moved out of my parents house was when I moved to England
6. I love babies
7. I've lost nearly 30 pounds but am struggling to get more off.
8. I love drinking cider
9. I cherish the friends I have
10. I have kissed over 200 people
11. I never realized what I was capable of until I met my husband
12. I love squeezing zits, and not just my own
13. I often second guess all my decisions
14. I wish I was funnier
15. I want to write a book someday but don't think I will ever have the courage, or stamina
16. I have a tattoo of a tribal sun on my lower back
17. I can't go to sleep at night without reading first.
18. My husband is my greatest love
19. I never have a book very far from reach
20. I love going to movies, especially with my kid sister
21. I love being able to talk to my husband about anything
22. I had to stop being friends with someone because she expected too much from me
23. I find body piercing sexy when not overdone
24. I take over hour long baths
25. My husband is the first man I've ever really been faithful to
26. Sometimes I can be very hard to live with
27. I don't mind cleaning the bathroom
28. I wish I'd done something more exciting career-wise
29. I have a high pain tolerance
30. I've never had stitches
31. I've kissed more than one girl, but only liked kissing one
32. I love Chinese food
33. I often dream I can fly
34. I spend to much time wondering 'what if'
35. I feel more comfortable in my current relationship than I ever have before
36. I get melancholy more than I'd like to admit
37. I love to sleep in but often can't
38. I drink way too much diet coke, but I’m not gonna stop
39. My lips are my favourite feature on my face
40. I've never broken a bone
41. I don't feel bad for falling in love with my husband while he was married to someone else
42. I used to love Another World
43. I think Michael Jackson is a freak and don't understand why anyone would let a child sleep over with him
44. My love for my dog is HUGE
45. I think people of mixed races are especially good looking
46. Sex and the City was one of my favourite programs
47. I want to visit Australia
48. I'm a great procrastinator
49. Sometimes when opportunity knocks I'm too busy procrastinating to answer
50. I worry about leaving my hair straightener on and often go back to check
51. I don't really like my job
52. Sometimes I want children, but more often I don't
53. I love the smell of fresh mown grass
54. I can't ski but wish I could
55. I've made myself throw up before and still struggle with it from time to time
56. I'm proud to be Canadian
57. I love my music loud when driving
58. I hate the word Cunt
59. If I find a clothing item that works I'll buy it in different colours
60. I love high heel shoes but hardly ever wear them
61. I'm mostly ok with my teeth- I've gotten used to them
62. I'm obsessive about food
63. I always wanted to live in the UK but never really thought I would
64. I always wear lipstick, if no other makeup
65. I've blacked out more than once
66. I'm very grateful for the love of my husband and his children
67. I cry over the littlest thing
68. I can hold my breath under water for 32 seconds (at least)
69. My mother and I are friends
70. I usually say what I think
71. I once had my passport stolen and am terrified of it happening again
72. I've peed in public before, and not just in the woods
73. I love my husband's hands
74. I always wear polish on my toenails
75. I look forward to the movies and food on airplanes
76. I love the word fucker
77. I always notice what people are wearing on their feet
78. I didn't like high school
79. I hate it when people say one thing to your face and another behind your back
80. I love my husband's two sons more than I ever thought possible
81. I hate feeling guilty
82. I rarely told the truth about anything while in the bars during my early 20's
83. I really miss a friend who left my life for reasons unknown to myself
84. I've debated joining the English Police but figured it would be too tedious to deal with
85. I enjoy singing karaoke
86. I like driving a standard better than an automatic vehicle
87. I miss my Nan more than anyone
88. I don't believe in organized religion but I do believe in a God of some sort
89. I love the smell of wood stove on an autumn day
90. I bought my first car at 19 and have owned my own since then
91. I want to be one size smaller
92. I constantly worry about something happening to a member of my family
93. I love 'spooning' with my husband
94. I learned to tie my shoe laces in bunny ears from the show Romper Room and still tie them that way
95. I love being right, especially when someone thinks I'm wrong
96. I usually don't like to watch a movie more than once, unless it's a favourite
97. I love 3 course meals, but usually choose a starter over a dessert
98. Tiramusu is one of my favourite desserts
99. I don't have just one favourite movie
100. I love coming from a big family

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