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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Just Some Good Old Boys

So, we took the boys to see this film last night. I didn't have much expectations and because of this, came out of the cinema still laughing. If nothing else it was worth seeing the joy on the boys' faces as they laughed their hearts out!

The road scenes with the General Lee were typical of the TV show and the soundtrack was particularly enjoyable. I was curious to see how the cast of characters played out and kept making comparisons to the original television show which I used to love. Although none of the characters held any physical similarities to the original cast other than Willy Nelson as Uncle Jessie (with a few less pounds), and the guy who played Cooter. I was, as usual, laughing my ass off at Sean William Scott. Sorry, but I find the guy hilarious - he made his mark as Stifler and every movie I've seen him in since has made me roar in laughter. I do believe however that the role of Rosco P. Coltrane would have been much better suited to my Uncle Reg...

Picked Up in Style
Today my three boys came and picked me up for lunch in our new SUV. I don't know whose face was brighter with excitement, Andy's or the boys. We went to McDonald's for lunch as I only had an hour. We had to stop at the main hospital so Andy could pick up his nephew and I received a bundle of hugs and kisses from the boys before they let me walk across the grounds to the clinic. What a sweet way to spend a lunch hour.

In the Ghetto
This week, I've picked up three extra shifts and have thus had to work three full days - thankfully tomorrow is just my usual morning shift. How my co-worker works in the clinic from 8:30-9 five days a week is beyond me, however I have to say this past week hasn't been too bad. My Line Manager has hired the services of a Security Guard to hopefully quell any rough behaviour by the local bohemians, however as he's kind of short and round, and isn't packing a bat, I don't know how much of a deterrent he will prove to be. Owell, better he deal with the lot of them than me.

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