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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

It Rubs Off Both Ways

Yesterday was a busy day for Andy and I, what with settling his mom into the hospital for her hip replacement surgery (it went well), taking both our dog and one of Wendy's, to the vet, and taking my last driving lesson, and then test (which I passed of course ;). We were looking for a spot yesterday evening in the hospital parking lot (which I have free access to what with working for the NHS), when a guy starting backing out from a space without checking to see if anyone was coming. Andy slammed on the brakes and yelled out his window 'Watch where your going BUDDY!!!'. I couldn't help but laugh. Buddy of course if a commonly used term in good old eastern Nova Scotia, and to hear my very English husband come out with it made me chuckle. I can't imagine how it would sound to a local. Funny enough I'm just beginning to pick up on the term Mate, something I've been avoiding for a long time. I guess this acquirement of local terms works both way.

Flight Frustrations

Initially when I began looking for flights to take me home, Andy and I agreed that as lovely as it would be, he wouldn't be travelling back with me for the holidays. We reached this decision due to the fact that flights are usually very expensive over the Christmas/New Year season and as he would only be able to come for a week it just wouldn't be financially feasible. Just the other day I was chatting with Tawny and the possibility of my flying into Toronto was discussed. Tawny has an Annual Christmas Party and was hoping I could make it. I have investigated numerous possibilities as I would love to stop over in Toronto, even though it means an additional 2 hours on top of a 9 hour flight, but sadly I just can't get the right flight. I've decided to fly Air Canada as they don't have as strict a baggage allowance as the other flights, besides, the only other flight that I could take only flies to Toronto and although I don't mind flying into Toronto, I want to leave from Halifax. It sucks that the cheaper Airlines don't fly out of Halifax during the Holidays, but also have such stupid baggage restrictions (I know its because they offer flights at a discount.) The cost of getting to and from Toronto would bring the cost up to more than it will cost to fly Air Canada, an added expense we can't really afford at the moment, one way from Toronto to Halifax wouldn't have been too bad.

Andy had also decided on the weekend that he really would like to come over right after Christmas and fly home with me in the New Year, but so far, that too is a no go as the prices are extortionate. As we are hoping to buy a house next year we just can't afford to drop the extra money. Maybe, and this is a big maybe, there might be a flight special prior to Christmas that would allow my husband to join me.

Tawny and her husband will be in NS over the holidays which is a great consolation.

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