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Monday, September 12, 2005

You Either Do, Or You Don't

I had thoughts all weekend of making today a detox day, but of course that went out the window as soon as I got to work and opened a diet coke and finished off a bag of crunchy nuggets. Not exactly the best way to begin the week - normally I have a diet coke and a LF Muffin, or cereal bar. This diet of chocolate and the obsessive amounts of diet coke, added to my increased stress level due to worrying about Wayne, thus added to the fact that I'm 'ON', hasn't helped my skin one bit. Fortunately my weight hasn't been negatively affected. Biking to work has been my saviour on this one.

As Andy is working local for the next few weeks we will hopefully work together on our diet and exercise. Speaking of exercise, let me take this moment to say how proud I am of my ambitious sister Tawny for completing her first triathalon one day after her 30th birthday. She finished in just over an hour. I remember when I used to visit her and go off for a jog myself. Lately I have been very slack with jogging but it is my hope that we can jog together next time we see each other (dependent on the weather of course since it'll likely be December). Or better yet, Tawny, Stacy and I can go - as Stacy has been working really hard these last few months as well.

On Friday morning when I checked my email, I was so pleased to see a few pictures of SVGH and some of my girls from work. Hardly a day goes by that I sit here at my new job and don't reminisce about old times at SV's, especially mornings when we all used to have a great chat before getting down to 'business'. Sure the job got tedious at times, or the politics there got a little 'over the top', however I had fun at that place and I met some friends who will last a lifetime. Although life changes, and I've moved on and am happy here with Andy, of course I still miss Halifax, and I miss SV's, but it's those like Debbie who make it easier by sending emails regularly, especially with photos like these attached:

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