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Saturday, September 10, 2005

30 Years Ago...

This day, 30 years ago, my mom was beginning her preparations to leave the hospital and come home with someone that would change my life forever. I don't know what I felt about her at the time, I was only 2 1/2. I know once mom found her stuffed in my little doll's crib, and another time I pinched her - so I'm sure my feelings over her were a bit 'torn' at times - or maybe I was just acting the way any 2 year old would who suddenly had to share her whole world.

Most times I believe that I was glad to have her around - in the early days I often thought of her as a friend even, that is, when she wasn't breaking my Grease records or sabotaging my barbie van ;). And although I wasn't admittedly overly eager to let her tag along at all times, I would have tried my hardest to knock the keds off anyone who ever tried to hurt her, and once or twice nearly did. I don't rememember my life before she came into it and I certainly can't imagine my life without her in it now. Not only is she my sister, she is most definitely my friend. And today she joins me in the fourth decade of life!

Wishing Wayne Well

This picture of me, Wayne and his baby, Brendan (Twin 1) was taken last summer when I was home on my six week holiday.

In the last 22 days Wayne has undergone three major surgeries to correct various problems that have arisen due to his collitis, and following his first surgery. Initially the surgery was to correct a hernia that had wrapped around his bowel, however several complications have resulted, and my cousin is now very sick. I don't have a lot of faith in the hospital at the moment as they should never have let him out last week when they did. I didn't know people could be released from hospital while running a fever.

I know that he must be so fed up and frustrated, I know that he is scared, but I also know that he is strong and will continue to fight through this. He has a beautiful wife and twin boys to think about, not to mention a whole onslaught of people that just want to see him feeling better, but he has a long road to recovery ahead of him. I just want it to go as smoothly as possible for him, he has been through enough already.

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