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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Crufts Through My Skewed View

Despite having an early start and very little sleep the previous night, Crufts turned out to be much more of an adventure than I had thought it might.
You could feel the energy surging through the halls upon arrival into the main building and Wendy and I decided to have a look around at a few stalls before finding her area and setting up. As we were passing a stall of edible treats for dogs, I commented to Wendy that I needed something that would last Molly more than five minutes to chew through, as tripe was no longer managing to do the trick. The stallholder, overhearing our conversation, said something to me that sounded like 'Bullstick'. 'What was that?' I asked. 'Bulls Dick' he repeated more clearly. 'Excuse me?' was my raised eyebrows reply. He led me over to a bagged bunch of supposed edibles and repeated 'Bulls Dick - you know - Penis'. 'My God' was my reply 'I don't think I could give my little girl that!' 'Well,' he said, 'It'll take her more than five minutes to chew through it'. As uncomfortable as the thought was of giving my baby girl Bulls Dick to chew on, I figured why not? It's worth a try, and like I said to Wendy, it's the only dick my girl is ever gonna get.

After we had found Wendy's area, set her up, let the dogs out for a wee and found her various dog friends, I left her to go have a look around the massive halls to see what the vendors had to offer and hopefully to catch a few of the agility events before it got too crazy busy. I ended up purchasing a few things before my final purchase, It's Me or The Dog, a book by the author of the same television show. This was my last ditch attempt to try and train both my dog and my husband. Molly's training is progressing steadily each day and I'm very proud to show off her ability, as is Andy. The book has only confirmed that what I have been doing all along is correct. However her chewing of household items tends to still occur sporadically. On Saturday morning Andy realized she'd chewed through yet another pair of his shoes. I have told him numerous times, as have other people, that his shoes wouldn't get chewed if they were put away. The book outlines this very clearly, as well as the reasons why dog chew shoes. Hopefully, after this last set of shoes (at least the 5th) and with the help of this book, Andy can be trained to PUT HIS SHOES AWAY.

As I was walking around looking at all wares on offer, I kept seeing these big, beautifully stuffed dogs that people were carrying around under their arms. Seen from the corner of an eye, they looked real. It turns out there was a stall that you could play a game at and win one. I knew by the end of the day I would be roped into playing, as I was coveting one for myself for Molly to play with. After Wendy had finally got in the ring with her dogs (and did very well btw), and things had quieted down significantly, I went to the games stall to try my luck. After losing £10 and still not having any luck, I gave up and made my way dejectedly back to our section. After chatting with friends who had won three, but informed us they could be purchased, Wendy went off to the games stall and came back sporting a light brown lab which she happily placed in my arms. I couldn't have been more excited if I was given cold hard cash! Now Molly now has company in the form of Chelsea. Molly however, is not allowed to play with Chelsea. I have a suspicion that Wendy just took the easy route and paid for the dog, and since she did this for me, I won't be letting this dog get pulled to pieces!

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