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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Way Things Turn Out

31 years ago today my parents tied the Knot. Did they really know what they were getting themselves into? Probably not, but with one little 2 year old running around and another on the way, I suppose they figured they'd better go for it and hope for the best.

Like most marriages, I can't say that the whole of their married life was an easy one, Lord knows they had enough problems, even without disagreeing about how us lot should be raised, but theirs is a marriage that is of the old school, one of the ones where a couple decides to try and get through the bad times, rather than just ducking out when the going got tough. (Although on a few occasions I sadly thought I would have preferred if they gave up.) Again, I'm sure both of them had their own reasons for the decisions they made, but today on their 31st Anniversary, I'm glad they made it this far and I'm glad they are content. During the past five years I think my parents have been stronger together than they have been for years. I know that makes me happy!

After being married for just over a year, Andy and I are still at the point where we are truly happy with the decision we made and I'd like to think ours is going to be a pretty solid union as we have both been through more stress in our short time together than some couples experience in 10. Because of our decision to marry the other, we have taken on a whole different way of living, especially since we are an international couple. I thank my lucky stars every day for the wonderful opportunities open to me because of my choice to marry a Brit, and I believe Andy feels the same:

Points in fact: He now as the opportunity to take his children on a three week vacation to Canada, for a lot less, as we will be staying with family; and they will be introduced to a different way of living. It will certainly open more doors for his children in the future via school/job choices.

As for me, well let me just say this: I doubt very much that my husband and I would have the opportunity to be living it up with four of our treasured family members (Stacy, Dawn, Tawny and Taylor) in LONDON & PARIS in the spring if it were not for the fact that I was living in Britain!

I only have two words for how I'm feeling about these latest developments: Rock On

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