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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Some Spring In My Step...

The weather here this winter has been more comparable to home. By now the flowers have usually sprung and there is no more need for heavy coats. This year however there has been a chill in the air that is more reminiscent of the back end of April in Nova Scotia, and its hung around much longer then I had expected. The temperature has hardly gone above 6 degrees. Today, however the sun is shining and although its brisk, its not as cold as it has been. Its days like today when I want to get out of the house and do some exercise, which benefits not only me, but Molly. So we went for a jog down to the back field, threw the ball around for 10 minutes and jogged back. Not much I know, but its a start and in 20 minutes I have to go pick up the boys and we are going to go to the park and mess around over there before supper. I figure another week and the rains will begin, which is good, because by the time the girls get here, things will have warmed up and the flowers will be out in full bloom.

How I'm looking forward to evenings on the patio with a glass of wine, strolls along the beachfront, and of course nights spent over at the Harvest Moon, our very cosy local. These relaxing moments will naturally take place amidst all the exploring we will be doing.

Andy and I are debating the idea of taking the girls to see Caernarfon Castle (pictured below) however its in Wales and I just don't know if they would be up for the trip, despite its being only about a 3-4 hour drive, as it IS another country after all ;) and they are already getting to go to Paris.

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