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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Friday Song

This weekend has passed much too quickly, however it always does.

When Friday finally rolls around I could almost start singing a corny song that they used to sing on one of the lame radio stations during my drive to work when I lived in Nova Scotia, a song that bleated on about not wanting to work but bang on a drum all day.  I wonder if they still sing that stupid song?  I would think so; the station is just that lame.  But its a lameness I love to hate because its so Nova Scotia.  Now I'm sure I've bored you to tears numerous times in the past with talk of  Nova Scotia, so I shall refrain, just for today; but only because I care that much about you giving yourself a headache due to numerous eye-rolls.  But I am singing that song in my head. Sorry - I can't help it.

Fridays are my favourite day of the week because they signify the beginning of the weekend.  Yes I have to work, however Fridays have a different feeling.  I have two full days ahead of me in which to fill my time  however I want, be that walking on the beach with Molly, staying in bed all day, getting drunk in the afternoon in my housecoat, or just counting how many hours I have left in the weekend (not really, but either way its my weekend to do with what I want).   

I went home last Friday and the first only item on my list was to ring this beautiful girl:

My sister Tawny, and wish her a Happy 35th Birthday. 
I told her I would be bringing her present to her when we travel to her next month, but really no present I bring will compare to this little gift she wakes up to every morning:

What a smile :) Something tells me her Aunty Jojo won't be able to deny this girl anything. 

I actually did have a few other items on my agenda for this weekend. One was to work out at least twice, the second was to continue to ensure I kept up my healthy eating, which included refraining from drinking wine (ack!) The gym part was easy:  I went both Friday and Saturday.  Friday found me back at body pump class and I didn't do as badly as I thought considering it had been over a month since my last class.  I'm still not sure its a good thing or a bad thing when the instructor repeatedly makes reference to the fact that she's happy you are back. 

As for healthy eating: I haven't snacked on anything that would be considered unhealthy save for one piece of bread last evening, which I will not beat myself up for. It was my first piece of bread all week.  I didn't drink wine either evening which wasn't too bad.  I did however find standing in the wine isle yesterday afternoon at Lidl a bit  hard.  I actually found myself beginning to drool at the thought of a nice cold class of Italian Pinot Grigio; which should have me worried but doesn't.   I did however indulge in one glass of a beautiful red with Beryl this afternoon while we watched 'Its Comlicated'.  Its just too hard to say no to my mate when she is so happily cheered when I partake in an afternoon tipple with her.  Life is short after all and I'm sure it won't hamper the deflating of my spare tire that much... one glass is much better than one bottle. 

And now its Sunday night and I'm going to go soak in a hot tub, without a glass of wine;  I will take my water and a good book and think slimming thoughts as I don't  eat a bar of chocolate. 


dawn mclaughlin said...

Next time we're together I want to drink wine in our housecoats!! xoxo

Fern Wimpley said...

Ditto what Dawn said. And buy really really trashy housecoats for the occassion.

Joanne said...

Well I get to experience first hang your lovely province next month. Something I have wanted to see for a long long time -- your niece looks like she is impossible to do anything but spoil.

Laraf123 said...

My to-do list was considerably longer. Can we trade?

Love the pic of your niece! She is getting so big!