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Friday, September 03, 2010

You try and say balaclava after a bottle of wine...

Last Friday we woke up to sunshine and Heather, Gaz, Dawn and I headed out to one of my very favourite cities:  Lincoln.  (If I'd ever had a son, this would have been one of his names). 

The sun always shines when we go to Lincoln, which makes it a much more enjoyable way to shop the cobblestone streets of this ancient city built on a hill. After stopping for tea (cake and diet cokes) we made our way back home with the idea of a few drinks around the fire pit after supper. 

However, when I got home Andy informed me that my brother-in-law had dropped off a load of fresh mussels and mackerel.  My first response was to ring Dawn and tell her to head on over with her boys for supper with us, as I know Robert adores mussels and we had a load of mackerel to throw on the bbq. We foil wrapped the mackerel with lemon and parsley, I put together a Greek salad to go with the left-over jacket's from the night before while Garry made a garlic and wine sauce for the mussels.

And the feast was on:

The boys digging into the mussels

We were lucky enough to have Connor with us for the weekend, and our youngest boy loves nothing more than a good time around the fire-pit.  He decided he would be the comedian for the evening and made his appearance wearing this:

The Brits call it a Balaclava, most Canucks just say 'ski mask'

At first, I think  he was making fun of how cold Dawn was, as she was in a borrowed sweater that I knew would keep her warm as its made for a much colder climate, like Banff (thanks Stace).  Then he started having fun and calling himself Nacho Libre. Which soon got changed to Nacho Cheese by the adults.  We eventually all agreed on 'Spicy Nacho'

It was hard to get a photograph that evening without Spicy Nacho making an appearance:

Spicy Nacho and Cameron snuck back to Cam's (what must the neighbours have thought?) to grab the acoustic and surprise Gaz, as he hadn't played his guitar since he arrived in England. It didn't take him long to get strumming; and for us to start singing. Or something like that...

(A little Eagles anyone?)

We had a few dodgy moments when hot stones started flying out of the fire pit (wtf???), however as I was the only one to take a hit before Andy rectified the situation, it was all good.

The girls

Spicy Nacho and Robert having a wrestle:
(Robert even remembered to put down his wine glass for the big event)

Group shot of the 'adults'

Connor making a rare appearance with Cameron:

Keeping it cozy:

When Madonna started pumping through the speakers, it wasn't long before we were up and dancing.  Spicy Nacho was keeping us in stitches with his running commentary during 'She's Not Me' as he moved around his dancer Quesadilla (me);  Dawn was busy dancing with the pole in between stints of napping.

All in all, yet another very successful night in the secret garden;  I think Heather and Gaz loved the way we like to relax and have fun on a crisp Friday evening at the end of summer.


Fern Wimpley said...

The photos are great!
My sweater looks great on Dawn!
However, in the future I ask that it stays away from Fire Pit parties as I don't want anything to happen to it.
Since my trip is delayed, I am kicking myself for sending it and my boots to you! Gak!

JBrown31 said...

Sounds and looks like a great time was had by all.

dawn mclaughlin said...

Awesome fun!!!